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Embark on an Immersive VR Journey to Enhance Digestive Well-Being

Welcome to SynerGI, where groundbreaking virtual reality and artificial intelligence technologies meet the pursuit of gut health and wellness. Developed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, a leader in gastroenterology, this innovative platform invites you to explore an immersive world tailored to enhance your understanding and management of digestive well-being. SynerGI is more than just a virtual experience; it's a gateway to a new perspective on gut health, offering engaging, interactive modules that make learning and self-care both accessible and enjoyable.

By combining expert insights with virtual exploration, SynerGI is uniquely designed to transform your approach to digestive wellness. Join us in this unique journey, and discover how virtual reality can open new horizons in your approach to digestive wellness.

A Revolution in Digestive Wellness through VR

SynerGI represents the convergence of advanced VR and AI technologies with the latest insights in gut health and wellness. Developed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, a leading institution in gastroenterology research and care, SynerGI is the product of extensive collaboration between VR experts and gastrointestinal specialists. Our aim is to offer an engaging, educational, and self-empowering experience to those seeking a deeper understanding and better management of digestive health.

Grounded in Research and Human-Centered Design

The development of SynerGI was guided by a human-centered approach, involving individuals with chronic digestive issues in the design process. Their feedback was instrumental in creating an app that is not only technologically advanced but also resonant with the user's needs. This process, documented and published in the Journal of American Gastroenterology, underscores our commitment to evidence-based and user-focused design.

Innovative Features and Interactive Modules

At the heart of SynerGI are its diverse and interactive modules, each designed to cater to different aspects of gut health. From the “Urgent Care” area for immediate guidance to the “Skill Center” for long-term management techniques, the app is structured like a virtual wellness clinic. Users can explore the “Exam Room” to learn about the anatomy and physiology of the digestive system, or visit the “Chill Room” for relaxation and stress management practices, including the unique opportunity to interact with MAIA (Mixed-reality Artificially Intelligent Ally). MAIA, a breakthrough feature within the Chill Room, is a conversational avatar that uses a sophisticated language model, developed in partnership with expert therapists, to offer tailored mental health support. This innovative tool has been rigorously tested at Cedars-Sinai, offering a supportive and effective mental health resource within the virtual environment.

Our Mission and Vision

The mission of SynerGI is to demystify gut health and offer accessible, empowering tools to anyone interested in improving their digestive wellness. Our vision extends beyond the current scope of SynerGI, as we continuously seek to innovate and expand the ways in which virtual reality can serve as a beneficial tool in the realm of health and wellness.

Join us on this pioneering journey with SynerGI, and experience how virtual reality can transform your approach to gut health and wellness.